Robert’s Lumber Sales protects goods during shipping and storage with individually-designed, cost-effective materials made from manufactured lumber. Since opening our doors to Southern California in 1997, we have become a leading producer of pallets, skids and wholesale industrial lumber.

Robert’s Lumber Sales supports a wide range of customers, industries, and packing needs. Our company specializes in serving businesses throughout Southern California with large-volume packing needs. We can manufacture solutions to fit the requirements of almost any project, from aerospace construction to consumer goods storage to pharmaceutical shipping. Safety and sustainability are integral to every process.

Customer-Centered Service

Businesses choose Robert’s Lumber Sales for several reasons, but our service is among the most important:

  • We are always available. 24 hours a day and seven days a week, customers can reach us by email to get answers to questions, place orders, or check on the status of a purchase. Our foremen are typically available by mobile phone as well.
  • Customers can keep inventory in stock. The partnerships we develop with our customers allow us to predict their demand. We can develop a plan to ensure that their pallets, skids, or lumber are available when they need them.
  • We meet the toughest challenges. Sometimes, businesses require support that goes beyond standard service. If products must ship, Robert’s Lumber Sales finds the resources to ensure our customers can keep their commitments to their own customers.

Short Lead Times

Robert’s Lumber Sales can turn around most orders faster than the typical five-to-six days that limit our competitors. We achieve this through better resource management and a better approach to manufacturing and shipping.

Organization. Our mill and yard are designed around customer demand; our understanding of their ongoing needs means that we can prepare for orders before they are officially made.

Experience. Robert’s Lumber Sales has manufactured over 500 different sizes of pallets, and skids. This expertise helps us to produce common customer orders quickly.

Commitment. Robert’s Lumber operates five days per week (more than the typical lumber yard).

Competitive Pricing

Robert’s Lumber Sales finds several ways to pass on cost savings to customers.

Purchasing in bulk reduces the overall cost. With almost 20 years in business, Robert’s Lumber Sales has established relationships with lumber mills. This allows us to bring in a high volume of lumber at once.

In addition, we handle almost all of our own milling. Cutting 90% of materials ourselves—instead of buying pre-made or outsourcing the work—reduces the cost.

We also deliver the goods. Robert’s Lumber Sales operates C&C Trucking and uses its own vehicles to get our products where they are needed. This eliminates outsourcing costs and lets us deliver according to the customer’s schedule.

All of these factors, combined with our skilled team and efficient processes, let us produce materials at a high quality and more affordable rate.

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