Robert’s Lumber Sales offers shipping and storage products to meet a variety of requirements. Safety and sustainability¬†are benchmarks of our work, and customers rely on us for our customer-centered approach, short lead times, and in-house trucking delivery.

Often, we can advise customers about options that are more cost-effective or durable than their initial designs. Contact us about manufacturing pallets, skids and wholesale lumber.

Learn more about each of our products below.


Construction. Our pallets are newly manufactured to ensure their reliability and strength.

Heat-treated / kiln-dried. We offer this option to meet international exportation regulations and to protect certain consumer products.

Lumber variety. We provide several grades of raw material ranging from economy to utility.

Design. We can create pallet solutions for almost any shipping or storage need and will come on site to make suggestions for designs.


Cost-effectiveness. Our skids secure goods for shipping and storage while reducing expense.

Cut to design. We source high-quality raw materials and mill 90% of lumber in-house to produce the designs customers need.

Building partnerships. We advise customers about which products and variety of skid is the right solution, protecting their goods and their budget.

Wholesale Industrial Lumber (Cut Stock)

Our long-term relationships with lumber mills and our in-house milling operation mean that we can typically sell industrial lumber at a more competitive price than buying retail.

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