C&C Trucking, a sister company of Robert’s Lumber Sales, delivers shipping and storage products to customers on time, on demand, and on budget.

C&C Trucking serves Robert’s Lumber Sales; Customers can receive materials at their facility, dock, or curbside.

Customers choose Robert’s Lumber Sales for our high-quality service, short lead times, and competitive pricing. C&C Trucking is an important piece of how we accomplish all of it. With this relationship:

  • Pallets, skids, and lumber ship in the most effective manner: by flatbed (for size) or box van (for greater protection).
  • Customers can contact us with special requirements and schedules, and we can respond quickly with their delivery.
  • We can ship materials without hiring an outside trucking company‚Ķ and without passing on this charge to our customers like other lumber companies do.

Learn more about C&C Trucking and Robert’s Lumber Sales. Get in touch.

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